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In January of this year, Jah Stitch, legendary deejay from Tippertone and Black Harmony, and selector for Youth Promotion, was brought to the hospital in Kingston complaining of shortness of breath. He spent the next three weeks there for observation and tests. The doctor’s concluded that he need heart surgery and had to take medication to keep his blood pressure down. He will be going in for Surgery in a couple of weeks. The blood pressure medication is quite expensive and Stitch had to put all his performance rights payments towards the hospital. But it’s necessary to keep him alive.

Stitch already survived one near death experience when a bullet pierced the side of his neck and went straight through his head. The doctors thought he wasn’t going to make it but he came back to record his classic hit Dread Can’t Dead.

Right now, we are collecting funds to help Stitch pay for his blood pressure medication. You can send money (through Paypal) or inquiries to Thank you for your interest and your assistance.
Beth Lesser

To try and help the great Jah Stitch the WCTD posse have joined forces with Beth to bring this special to you. We are putting up 3 Youthman Promotion sessions that we have not posted before. To get the links you will need to donate to the fund for Stitch’s medication.
Just mail Beth at and once you have donated we will send you the links.
Please be sure to include your email address and name and state that you donated via WCTD for the links.

Thank you in advance for your time and help, please dig deep for a dancehall legend, all donations will go directly to Jah Stitch…
Jayman & Andrew(WCTD)

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Youth Promotion – Maxfield Avenue, Kingston, October 1985

Ft: Mellow Tuffy, Colourman, Don Angelo, Pinchers, Jackie Knockshot, Daddy Ants, Dicky Ranking, Joe Lickshot, Hugh Griffiths, Joy, Nitty Gritty, Shinehead

Selector – Major Stitch

Mixer – Tulusie

“Here’s a dance in the Maxfield area held not long after the annual Reggae Sunsplash and it’s still a topic of conversation for the Youth Promotion collective. Shinehead’s still on the island but sadly the tape runs out just as he gets started. The “Bible Man” Colourman is here to “Vibes Up A Sound” and during his time on the microphone he hails up Promotions number one selector, “Major Stitch A Kick Up Rumpuss”. His selections include hot numbers from Barrington Levy, Trevor Junior, Michael Prophet and Super Black. The singers are represented by Hugh Griffiths, who sparkles with a “Tribute To Ken Boothe” and not to be outdone Nitty Gritty draws his fresh “Hog In A Minty” lyrics. With Joe Lickshot and Jackie Knockshot both in the lawn there is even time for a mini “Lick Shot” sound effects clash to keep the crowd entertained.”


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Youthman Promotion - Sheffield, Westmoreland 1985

Ft: Tenor Saw, Sugar Minott, Hugh Griffiths, Yellow Bird, Principal Grundy, Yami Bolo, Colourman, Daddy Ants, Dona P, Jackie Knockshot

Selector: Major Stitch Mixer: Tulusie

Here’s another fine session featuring Youthman Promotion.
Albino Gregory Isaac’s soundalike Yellow Bird fires up the place with a couple of vocal excursions including his take on ‘I don’t want to be lonely tonight‘. Then Major Stitch drops ‘Them a Lickshot’ and Sugar steps up to give the Sheffield posse it live & direct backed up by Donna P.
Stitch then goes down inna Tony Tuff selection and over ‘Mix Me Down’ Colourman gives us his ‘Vibes up a Sound’ lyrics followed by ‘Booga’ singing ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head’
Major Stitch then turns to Half Pint for the next few tunes and we get Hugh Griffiths & veteran Principal ‘Jah’ Grundy inna combination style over the ‘real rock’ rhythm.
We get more great combination vocals from Sugar & Hugh Griffiths then when the taxi rhythm drops Sugar brings in ‘the next youth to buss, the smallest singer in Jamaica’ Yami Bolo who in turn passes the mic to the late great Tenor Saw who delivers his ‘Down a Westmoreland, man a nyam man’
The tape finishes with Tenor Saw over the Stalag rhythm singing his classic ‘Ring the Alarm’..


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Youth Promotion – 1 Robert Crescent, Kingston 5, 25th May 1984

Ft: Santana, Jungle, Major Manzie, Robbie G, Dona P, Sugar Minott, Jah Walton, Naggo Morris, Blacka T

Selector – Pleasure Minott

Mixer – Peter Chemist

“This is a real bonus as there aren’t that many Youth Promotion sessions around from 1984 and this is just about the earliest that we’ve heard. This dance at Youth Promotions HQ celebrates Sugar Minott’s birthday and he flexes his granulated vocals, as only he can, in songs like “Devil’s Pickney” and “Gambling”. Santana is a deejay with plenty to say and both Dona P and Major Manzie have quickly incorporated the UK fast style, with the latter shining on “Listen We”. Jah Walton “passes through like a storm” before making way for the Heptones vocalist Naggo Morris who hails up the Youth Promotion set with soundbwoy lyrics. With a crisp musical selection from Sugar’s brother Pleasure and a good set of entertainers around the mic, this all adds up to a fine early YP dance”

Please mail Beth here at to donate and don’t forget to leave your name and most importantly your email address and she will send you the links to the sessions..


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Here is the latest news on Jah Stitch from Beth.... Not great news I'm afraid...

"The doctors believe it likely that Stitch has colon cancer.
He's become seriously anaemic and has to take iron pills.(This is what I misunderstood at the beginning - that the problem was his blood, not his heart) They believe this is because of internal bleeding.
He has one last colonoscopy to pay for before he knows for sure if he will need the surgery. It is scheduled for June 5.
I think they are hoping they will not have to operate so they keep testing to see how it is progressing but Stitch still finds he has bleeding and pain."

Take care


If anyone has not donated you can still do so here:

Many thanks for your time...



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